London Virtual Office – 6 Monthly

From: £22.50 every 6 months and a £5.00 sign-up fee



We have now migrated to a new ordering system, please click your interested service / location in the above menus. You can then click the green sign up banners that will take you to our new ordering page.

Please find below details in relation to the relevant package you have selected from the drop down menus.

  • 1 Mailbox Name: All other mail that would not be accepted with the above packages will be accepted, this could be from Banks, Customers, Suppliers or Personal Mail. . This can be forwarded or scanned at our normals rates.
  • Unlimited Mailbox Names: Exactly the same as the 1 Mailbox Name package however allows you to add multiple names to the account. These could be a mixture of Trading as Names belonging to the account holder or family member

If you require a Registered Office Address and/or Directors Service Address you can purchase these in addition to this current item here.

**£5 Sign up fee will be placed on your account as mail forwarding/scanning credit when mail arrives**