Frequently Asked Questions


Prices vary depending on how you want to pay every month, 6 monthly or yearly.

Nottingham & Peterborough prices are

1 Mailbox Name: £4.00 for 1 month contract | £22.50 for 6 month contract | £42.00 for 1 year contract

Unlimited Mailbox Names: £6.00 for 1 month contract | £33.00 for 6 month contract | £54.00 for 1 year contract

London prices are

1 Mailbox Name: £22.50 for 6 month contract | £42.00 for 1 year contract

Unlimited Mailbox Names: £33.00 for 6 month contract | £54.00 for 1 year contract

London Registered Office Address & Directors Service Address prices are

£27.00 for a 1 year contract + £9.99 Per Director (Optional)

All contracts renew unless cancelled 28 days before.

Our additional charges can be seen under the relevant FAQ sections. Additional charges are for Mail Forwarding and Mail Scanning

However some services include FREE Mail Forwarding and Mail Scanning.


Customers can collect mail from Peterborough and Nottingham. There is no charge to collect mail. However please bare in mind that parking around our locations may be limited and the cost of parking (Nottingham) and travelling to collect may be more than forwarding mail to you..

In the event mail arrives that needs collecting an email will be sent to you advising of the collection point and collection times, Please do not attempt collections unless you have been advised by us to avoid disappointment.

Monday – Friday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 5.30 PM
Our collection point is located on Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ.
You must:

– Keep 2 metres away from people within the shop or any queues outside.
– Queue outside if there are too many people inside the shop.
– Not attend the shop if you/anyone you live with/work with/have contact with are feeling unwell or have Corona symptoms.
– Consider having mail forwarded or scanned on to you. Time traveling to the city centre and the cost of parking/fares usually exceed the price of scanning or forwarding.
– NOT attend Vernon House where are our office are located under any circumstances. We will not be able to give you mail or provide support from Vernon House.Please contact us via our website or phone.
– Inform us via phone or our website if you become unwell or develop Corona symptoms within 14 days of attending the collection point.

Please contact us for an appointment. Appointment requests may not be possible for same day collections. 

We currently do not offer a collection service at this location. We will update customers once we provide this.

Times may be subject to change and will not be in operation during bank holidays. Heavy or bulky items may need an appointment and these will only be offered Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.

Mail Forwarding

Customers will be given several options on how they want mail forwarding during registration. If at any time you want your mail forwarding differently please let us know by completing the amendments section in the Account section of this website that can be found at the top of every page. When forwarding mail we will combine items to make it cheaper for you. On some occasions we may have to place labels on your mail before combining them in to one shipment but they can be easily removed if needed.

The price of Standard Postage (set by Royal Mail) + £0.20 per dispatch (not per piece of mail e.g. if you have multiple pieces of mail that are dispatched at the same time you will only be charged £0.20 for dispatch)

We can use couriers also! Contact us for more details.


This is a package where you can have 1 Mailbox Name such as Mr B Smith if your an individual or ABC Limited if your a company and we would accept mail for those names and for your unique mailbox number. The mailbox number would stay the same every time unless you purchased additional mailbox numbers. If you want additional mailbox names you might want the Unlimited Mailbox Names package which can be found below.

This is a package that you can have Multiple Mailbox Names, this would be prefect if the account holder is a director of several companies or trades using more than one trading name. You could also add employees of the account holders companies also in case any mail is ever addressed to them and of course fellow directors or family members. In order to add a trading name or company the account holder must have the connection e.g be a director or uses the trading name in question. The account holder is the person who makes the payment in their name and must be named on the application under the account holder section. Please note that we will only allow a fair amount of names on an account. If we think the amount of names is excessive we will give you notice to upgrade.There is a  limit of how many companies per account which is 1, however you can have multiple other names (non-companies).

Payments & Billing

We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Direct Debits.

Payments are setup when purchasing our services. During the checkout process payment and the frequency of billing are confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent to you also. If your payment has been cancelled or expired you can request for us to send you an update email for you to update your details or you can start a new recurring payment in our billing portal.

Card payments will be taken on the day of purchasing and then on the same day of your recurring month E.g. every month, every 6 months or every year. Direct Debits will be initiated and processed from your account usually within 3 working days. This can be up to 5 working days but this is down to your bank approving such Direct Debit instructions and is out of our control.

Postage & Packaging Account

Any postal or courier charges in addition to packaging, SMS charges or telephone request charges. Mail is usually dispatched via Royal Mail unless agreed otherwise. Royal Mail rates can be found on their website.

Accounts can be topped up by visiting the Billing Portal. The Billing Portal can be found at the top of every page on our mail website. The smallest amount that you can top up is £5. Accounts can only be topped up in multiplies of £5 but this can be repeated several times by adding to the quantity box on the payment form. E.g. £5 x 10 = £50.

Scanning Mail AKA Scan 2 Email

Mail will be scanned and will appear as a PDF within your dashboard.

Once mail has been scanned you will receive an email letting you that you can login and view your mail.

We do not automatically dispose of your mail, after mail has been scanned to you several options are available. The options available are forward, collect (depending on your service location), shred or recycle.

If no further instructions are given, we would continue to hold your mail until you instruct us otherwise via the portal.

At the end of a subscription or your payments have failed (we will attempt to contact you on several occasions) we reserve the right to destroy your scanned mail via shredding.

Since July 2022 the electronic copy of your scans will stay on your online portal (if originally provided on there) for the duration of your subscription unless you delete these yourself beforehand.

Any mail not scanned via the online portal will be destroyed after 6 months.

We charge £0.30 per page.