CLOSED: Black Friday Deal – 6 Months Virtual Office £9.99 Today Only! or £19.99 for UNLIMITED MAILING NAMES

Get yourself 6 Months of Virtual Office rental in either Nottingham or Peterborough for £9.99 which includes one mailing name. If you want us to accept mail for several names you can have the unlimited mailing names package for £19.99 for 6 months. This is handy for accepting mail for several companies you are director of or family members etc. More details of our branches can be seen by clicking the location.

In the event that you would like mail forwarding or scanning to you just topup your account a minimum of £5 and we will deduct the charges. Mail forwarding is charged at Royal Mail’s standard postage rate plus £0.20 per forwarding. (per forwarding could be a consolidation of mail e.g. 3 letters in one envelope we would charge the £0.20 once). Scanning is charged at £0.30 per page but can be decreased for large quantities.

At the end of the 6 months you can either cancel or continue on to one of the below tariffs. If your current providers contract has not ended yet. That’s fine! Join today and start the account later!

1 Mailbox Name.
£4.00 for 1 month contract | £22.50 for 6 month contract | £42.00 for 1 year contract

Unlimited Mailbox Names
£6.00 for 1 month contract | £33.00 for 6 month contract | £54.00 for 1 year contract

To claim send an email to EMAIL REMOVED with BFD in the subject and we will send an invoice. Please include name, address and telephone number.