Unlimited Mailbox Names Package

This is a package that you can have Multiple Mailbox Names, this would be prefect if the account holder is a director of several companies or trades using more than one trading name. You could also add employees of the account holders companies also in case any mail is ever addressed to them and of course fellow directors or family members. In order to add a trading name or company the account holder must have the connection e.g be a director or uses the trading name in question. The account holder is the person who makes the payment in their name and must be named on the application under the account holder section. Please note that we will only allow a fair amount of names on an account. If we think the amount of names is excessive we will give you notice to upgrade.There is a  limit of how many companies per account which is 1, however you can have multiple other names (non-companies).

1 Mailbox Name Package

This is a package where you can have 1 Mailbox Name such as Mr B Smith if your an individual or ABC Limited if your a company and we would accept mail for those names and for your unique mailbox number. The mailbox number would stay the same every time unless you purchased additional mailbox numbers. If you want additional mailbox names you might want the Unlimited Mailbox Names package which can be found below.