How long do you keep the electronic scans of my mail?

Since July 2022 the electronic copy of your scans will stay on your online portal (if originally provided on there) for the duration of your subscription unless you delete these yourself beforehand.

Any mail not scanned via the online portal will be destroyed after 6 months.

Do you dispose of my mail after scanning it?

We do not automatically dispose of your mail, after mail has been scanned to you several options are available. The options available are forward, collect (depending on your service location), shred or recycle.

If no further instructions are given, we would continue to hold your mail until you instruct us otherwise via the portal.

At the end of a subscription or your payments have failed (we will attempt to contact you on several occasions) we reserve the right to destroy your scanned mail via shredding.

How do you send me my mail?

Mail will be scanned and will appear as a PDF within your dashboard.

Once mail has been scanned you will receive an email letting you that you can login and view your mail.