Christmas / New Year Mail Forwarding / Scanning Times 2015

Mail received after the 22nd December will not be processed until the 4th January 2015.

Any replies from customers in response to our mail arrived emails or emails instructing us to process mail received before 2 PM on the 22nd December 2015 will be processed that day and will be our final dispatch before resuming normal services on the 4th January 2015. This also applies to mail scanning accounts.

Customer Services & Sales can still be contacted within the above dates apart from dates shown on our contact us page.



Auto Top Up & Earn £10 Scanning/Forwarding Allowance

We are now introducing an auto top up service for your mail forwarding and scanning fees. The service is not compulsory but you will be rewarded when you sign up.

– £5* Postage/Scanning Credit when you signup for auto top ups.
– An additional £5* if you move your current recurring billing for your monthly, 6 monthly or yearly address rental with us to direct debit, this is not compulsory you can leave your payment method as it currently is if you wish.

Who can sign up?
Anyone who has a UK bank account with a sort code and account number

What are the benefits?

– There will be no need to enter your card details every time you wish to top up your account

– There will be no delays in waiting for you to top up your account as the direct debit will bill you automatically and will cause no delays in your mail being processed.

– You can stop or start auto top ups as and when you please.

– You can decrease or increase the amount you wish your auto top ups to be for.

– We can top up your account at any time even if your account is not running low if you wish, with your permission.

– You can still top your self up online via direct debit, debit/credit card or PayPal at any time in addition to this service.

How will the auto top ups work?
When your account balance reaches under £5 we would top your account up via direct debit for an amount of your choice. The amount can be as much or as little as you like but must be £5 as a minimum. All you need to do is let us know your default amount.

Every time your balance drops below £5 we would send you an email letting you know and would bill the direct debit for you.

To get started please find the relevant instructions below depending on your current payment method.

If you already have a direct debit in place with us:

Please send us an email to

The email should read: (feel free to copy and paste the below)

“I would like to start the auto top up service and my default top up amount is £ (ENTER PRICE HERE)”

If you do not have a direct debit at the moment

Please set one up by clicking here and where possible use the email address we have for you already and earn £5*

After you have set one up please send us an email to

The email should read: (feel free to copy and paste the below)

“I would like to start the auto top up service and my default top up amount is £ (ENTER PRICE HERE)”

Also if you would like us to move your monthly, 6 monthly or yearly account rentals over to direct debit and earn yourself another £5 please send us another email to stating the

“Please change my address rental over to direct debit”

Once we have received this email we will cancel any other recurring PayPal or credit/debit card payments on your behalf and send confirmation of this.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email or telephoning us.

We will look forward to issuing your free credit shortly, remember to drop us an email once we have taken your first payment to credit you. .

Kind Regards

Customer Services Department

Eazi Virtual Solutions



Eazi Virtual Solutions has now relaunched with a new logo, website and ordering system.

We still can be contacted at our old email address for the time being . Have a look around and tell us what you think!

Make sure to send us your testimonials.

————————————————UPDATE: Our current email address can be seen on our contact us page.

Refund & Cancellations Policy

Telecoms may be refunded if the service has not already commenced e.g. allocation of telephone number has not taken place or setup not completed. To cancel for a refund please complete the contact us form which can be found here. Any provision of calling credit purchased on your behalf cannot be refunded. A one month paid notice must be given to cancel after the initial 7 days have commenced. Cancelling recurring payments do not close accounts or cancel services, you must send a recorded letter or email to us, contact details can be found on the contact us page.

Virtual Office / Mailbox Rental:
Virtual Offices & Mailbox Rental may be refunded if the contract is cancelled within 14 days of the initial payment being made to us as per the terms and conditions of service unless otherwise stated.

After the first 14 days have commenced customers must give one months paid notice and no refund will be due. Any recurring payment claimed due to contracts not being cancelled before the one month notice requirements will not be refunded and invoice are still payable.

Cancelling a recurring payment does not cancel a service/close an account, we must be sent a recorded letter or email of cancellation to our office for either scenario and unused postage/scanning fees are nonrefundable after the first 14 days have commenced. Customers should make contact via telephone with us to make payment in the event that a recurring payment has been cancelled by them, as we will not prompt them for payment if recurring payments have been cancelled.

We advise you to spend postage/scanning balances this prior to cancelling if you have any remaining. Our contact details can be found on our contact us page as where to send your letter/email.

In order to avoid your contract rolling over we recommend the following – If you have a yearly contract, contact us to cancel before the 11th month has ended. If you have a 6 monthly contract, contact us before the 5th month has ended.

Additional Information:
You may also want to see a copy of our Privacy Policy which can be seen on our blog.
Please note that the above policies are in regards to new orders only. Current customers may but not always different policies or terms of service but will always require at least a one months paid notice. Recurring payments must be cancelled by the customer after cancellation has been confirmed. If you do not have the policies from the time of sign up, please contact us as the above may not be applicable to you.